Saturday, August 22, 2009

Katelyn Rose

well, the last blog update was posted 4 days before our blessed event. She is now 2 months old! I am really, really amazed at women, especially busy moms with bustling households who can blog! As hard as I try, I never get the thoughts from my hands to the keyboard to the blog. I make up these great blog entries in my head almost everyday, I've even written this little baby girl's birth story out in my head 10 times, but have not written it down, and I'm afraid the details are fading.... I hate to write but I love when I do if that makes sense. I actually want to write a book, well, books really. I just don't know how to get it from my head to paper (o;
So, it's kind of silly almost to post this entry since most everyone who reads this has seen oodles of pictures on facebook, or have been here to hold her in person, oh and one of you are the one who caught her for me at birth! But, just in case there is anyone else~I'll post her stats and send out a picture of our newest little baby doll. She is a real sweetie. we are in total love.

Katelyn Rose
born June 17th, one day before her mommy and daddy's 15th anniversary~
9 lbs even, 22.5 inches
wonderful home waterbirth

a birth story is sure to come, I promise. I have been dealing with some....maybe~ possibly~ baby blues the last month, nothing major, but probably just adjusting, and trying to stay on top of not feeling too terribly overwhelmed. It shouldn't even be called baby blues because it has nothing to do with that little person, she's a total dream baby, it's just the trying to keep everyone else happy while all I wanted to do is spin myself a cocoon and hide away with my new little doll. But~ laundry piles up, kids get hungry, husband gets lonely, dog chews things up, all if mom hides away too much....oh, and postpartum belly doesn't go away on it's own. So, I'm trying to enjoy some of this sunshine while it's still here and get out walking. That seems to rejuvenate me. Exercise is like writing to me~ I procrastinate getting started, and then once I do, I LoVe It!
I am so blessed. everyday there is something to be thankful for, e v e r y single day ~ I love my little Katie Rose and am so so happy to be her mama~

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Blogger Bum..........

Well, if there is anyone still around to read this~ Big Apology is due! I have totally slacked on this blog~ since joining the world of FaceBook, I just got lazy about blogging~ blogging takes so much more effort! Facebook is quite addicting actually, lol~
So, our biggest news here of course is that we are just waiting on a new baby~ He or She was due on June 10th, so we are anxious to get this show on the road....well, kind of I mean, everyone else is but me! (o: I am enjoying baby just fine where he or she is at! (o; although, I do like it to be all done with, and I can't wait to see if it's a boy or girl! Everyone says boy~I'm not convinved......
here's a pic to leave you with~ I know this is a pathetic entry for someone who hasn't updated in what, 6 months? but it's late and I'm tired (o: I'll try to do better here!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Things I never tire of

Here's a small list, not in any particular order, but I was just thinking of it while pulling fresh bread from the that shall be #1 on this list. I'm sure I'll think of more things later~feel free to comment and we'll add to this list (o:

1. Hot fresh bread from the oven.....mmmmmmmm........
2. I love you's
3. letters~the old fashioned way
4. a nursing baby snuggled up contently next to you
5. baby breath
6. freshly bathed children
7. snuggly jammies, and kids in snuggly jammies all fighting for my lap
8. puppies
9. sunny days and rainbows after wet ones
10. God's everlasting, unconditional love ~ AMAZING!
11. friends!
12. even internet friends!! lol
13. God's love radiating through others
14. hugs
15. selfless acts
16. RAK (random acts of kindness)
17. peanut butter
18. mochas
19. a sprouting garden
20. chickens quietly clucking while they are bedding down for the night. (its the sweetest noise if you've never heard it)
21. the sound of crackling fire around a campfire~and people singing silly songs or praise songs
22. I love you's~ I think I already said that, but it's important (o:
23. your husbands strong arms around you
24. slumber parties
25. seeing your children being best friends
26. seeing your children walk in the truth of the Lord~ there is no Greater Joy!
27. seeing your children finish their peas (I can dream can't I?)
28. A Godly Heritage (thanks ma and pa, gramma and grampa, and those before.....)
29. God's promises
30. a clean house, I WOULD never tire of a clean house, lol
31. honest people
32. organic food (hhmm funny how honest people reminded me of organic food!)
33. short lines
34. optimism
35. love for all humanity
36. green traffic lights
37. fields of daisies
38. above rubies magazines
39. in the womb baby movements, I even love the hiccups
40. my children's artwork
41. good music
42. a good story
43. laughing~ you really can't laugh too much in life
44. feeding people~ there is a joy to nourishing the ones you love, and the ones you force food on who happen to stop by while the above mentioned are being fed. (o:
45. government employees that smile
46. of people telling me how full my hands are so that I can smile and tell them how full my heart is.
47. Good news
48. my husband treating me special~like the candlelight dinner he surprised me with tonight AND cooked while I was out grocery shopping. I could never tire of that, lol
49. peace
50. Being Home

that's all for now, more bread about to come out of the oven and a 3 & 4 year old that have gotten oddly quiet.............. (o:

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Emerald Applesauce

Did you know that Parsley contains three times as much vitamin C as oranges, twice as much iron as spinach, is rich in vitamin A and contains folate, potassium and calcium?!!
What’s more, parsley is also recognized for its cancer-fighting potential.


Blend well the following ingredients in the blender.

Two large apples

½ bunch (or one cup) parsley

it's that simple! Enjoy


Sunday, December 7, 2008

This Christmas..........

This takes only about 2 minutes and is worth the watch.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Gift of a Smile

This is for sure to put a smile on your face. (o:
It's so cute you'll watch it twice, and if your kids hear it they'll come gather round too, at least that's what happened at our house.......and I think we watched it about 5 times so far.
Musicians are special.
YouTube - Four Hands Guitar

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sleepy Baby Wrap contest

I've stumbled upon a darling blog of a lovely lady who is so graciously hosting a free giveaway on an awesome looking baby wrap. Go and check out her blog and enter to win. And, if you aren't a mama yet, well go enter anyways and if you win you can just surprise me at Christmas, hehehehehe (o:

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Would it bother you more if they used a Gun?

Sisters, this is why *I* cried the day Obama was elected. He stood in front of Planned Parenthood and America and ensured them that *choice* would be available to all. That he would sign the Freedom of Choice Act and that Planned Parenthood would thrive. What choice do the innocent have? Who will be their voice? Copy and paste this link to watch this youtube. See what kind of man America has chosen for their new leader. I can't believe that America is this bloodthirsty. Obama is supporting it. I am sickened. We can pray, and we can be the voice for the innocent. Somebody has to stand up for what is righteous. This is going to be a long fight.

Monday, November 10, 2008

From the mouth of a babe

Lily said something to me tonight, just in her own little thoughts, and I thought that it was quite astounding how at just 8 years old she has such insight and knowledge that I don't remember grasping at that age. Maybe I still don't today..... (o:
I let her come along with me for a quick drive down to the nearest store here in our little town. I like letting one or two come alone with me because they think it is such a treat to be the *chosen one* to go on an outing alone with Mom, and Lily knows how to capitalize on that when we get into the store. She will always ever so sweetly pick out something real small that she knows I can't give an automatic no to because of the price.....well, anyways this is not the knowledge I'm boasting about, I am quite sure I knew about that kind of knowledge as a kid, heehee....
So, on our drive home she says "Mom, when you're a baby God is in you. He is really close to you because you came from him and you have not sinned yet. As you're getting older some people will start to push him away but He is always there waiting for you to invite him back in. Isn't that right, Mom?" I dunno, maybe it's just cuz I'm her mom, but I thought that was pretty right on, especially for a newly 8 year old.