Sunday, August 17, 2008

Birthday Blast

I had such a neat birthday that I didn't even mind turning a year older~ imagine that. As I creep closer and closer to 40, I start to realize that my parent's weren't as old as I thought they were, and much wiser then I gave them credit for (o:
so, my birthday started at midnight, cuz I'm rarely asleep before greeting the AM hours~ so
at midnight Marty gave me a gift cuz he just can never wait.
and was a digital camera~ so no more excuses why I can't
get you all some new pictures huh? (o: I had no idea he was going to
get me a camera so I was so pumped! I really needed a new one. Sarah
Ruby threw mine on the floor of home depot and it has never really
worked well since.
the best part was the card he wrote me though. sweetest thing I've
ever read. I do declare, these hubbies get better with age!
Summer gave me a birthday book full of quotes from the kids to me from
them. Then it was full of bible verses on God's love for us. I was
soooo touched. this is my thoughtful 10 yr old that loves to write.
I feel soooo blessed!
in the morning I took the 2 oldest kids to church camp at 7am and when
I got in the van my 13yr old had a card and a piece of chocolate on my
seat for me. she knows her mama~ lol
came home from that, kids and I and hubby met up with my dad, and
brother for a chinese food lunch~ yum! marty had to go to swingshift
so my brother and I took the kids up the gorge to see Multnomah Falls
and did a small hike. It was gorgeous! we played in the water a bit
then we went and got slurpees~
met back at my sisters house and she made us all homemade pizzas and
my mom and aunt came over too and brought cheesecake and icecream....
ahhhhhhh~ what a day, lol. enough sugar to last me until my next
birthday though~ got home at about 11pm and Marty rolled in a few
minutes later. we got the littles to bed except for my 7 yr old Lily
and her and Marty and I went out on the trampoline with blankets and
watched falling stars. Every year on my birthday there is always
meteor showers or some kind of spectacular light show happening up
above, we counted 12 falling stars within a half hour! Lily kept
telling me thank you for letting her stay up with us, lol.... SUCH a
wonderful day AND night~ couldn't of asked for a better birthday. I
feel soooooooo blessed (o:
here's Wylie and the youngest 5 , Ben really was having a good time, Wylie must be pinching him to keep him in place, haha
Aunt Melanie just being awesome Aunt Melanie!
My mama and my Aunt Lila (her sister) here visiting from Idaho
Lily and her yummy creation!
Here's me and the 4 that I could grab~ the rest are off jumping into the waterfall or something~ haha~ hey I'm THIRTYFOUR!!!!!! wow