Sunday, December 7, 2008

This Christmas..........

This takes only about 2 minutes and is worth the watch.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Gift of a Smile

This is for sure to put a smile on your face. (o:
It's so cute you'll watch it twice, and if your kids hear it they'll come gather round too, at least that's what happened at our house.......and I think we watched it about 5 times so far.
Musicians are special.
YouTube - Four Hands Guitar

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sleepy Baby Wrap contest

I've stumbled upon a darling blog of a lovely lady who is so graciously hosting a free giveaway on an awesome looking baby wrap. Go and check out her blog and enter to win. And, if you aren't a mama yet, well go enter anyways and if you win you can just surprise me at Christmas, hehehehehe (o:

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Would it bother you more if they used a Gun?

Sisters, this is why *I* cried the day Obama was elected. He stood in front of Planned Parenthood and America and ensured them that *choice* would be available to all. That he would sign the Freedom of Choice Act and that Planned Parenthood would thrive. What choice do the innocent have? Who will be their voice? Copy and paste this link to watch this youtube. See what kind of man America has chosen for their new leader. I can't believe that America is this bloodthirsty. Obama is supporting it. I am sickened. We can pray, and we can be the voice for the innocent. Somebody has to stand up for what is righteous. This is going to be a long fight.

Monday, November 10, 2008

From the mouth of a babe

Lily said something to me tonight, just in her own little thoughts, and I thought that it was quite astounding how at just 8 years old she has such insight and knowledge that I don't remember grasping at that age. Maybe I still don't today..... (o:
I let her come along with me for a quick drive down to the nearest store here in our little town. I like letting one or two come alone with me because they think it is such a treat to be the *chosen one* to go on an outing alone with Mom, and Lily knows how to capitalize on that when we get into the store. She will always ever so sweetly pick out something real small that she knows I can't give an automatic no to because of the price.....well, anyways this is not the knowledge I'm boasting about, I am quite sure I knew about that kind of knowledge as a kid, heehee....
So, on our drive home she says "Mom, when you're a baby God is in you. He is really close to you because you came from him and you have not sinned yet. As you're getting older some people will start to push him away but He is always there waiting for you to invite him back in. Isn't that right, Mom?" I dunno, maybe it's just cuz I'm her mom, but I thought that was pretty right on, especially for a newly 8 year old.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Uh-oh, I see a trend here. It's wordless wednesday again.......sure wish I was posting more in between the wordless wednesdays! sorry 'bout that (o: for your viewing enjoyment, here's some pics of Sarah on her 3rd birthday. She was our other October birthday girl! Maybe I'll find Sarah's homebirth story and share it here....... For whatever reason all the pictures that I loaded came in the wrong order, so anyways, the above picture is of Ben giving his birthday sister a big 'ol birthday hug. I think he's just so happy that she chose to go to the Kid Zone for her special day. They get to go there, oh....maybe once every couple years. Seriously this place is a germ fest Holiday. It is all the right ingredients for incubating every nasty cold and flu virus lurking out there. Warm, humid, dark, plastic tunnels full of profusely sweating kids (and the brave (foolish??) parents who dare to squeeze in behind them...aka~ me!) How often do we really think one of those underage workers climbs through their with disinfectant in hand? I still shutter at the memory...... and yep, guess who was barfing by Monday morning? Ben! He's usually one of the first to go down~ Sarah joined him by Tuesday night........ was it worth the 3 hours of bizarre, heart pounding fun???? well, the kids think so..... LOL
My sweet 3 year old
She loves this little pull stuffed toy. Cool thing about this little thing is that we were on our way home from a mini trip we took as a family this summer (I still need to post about that) and she saw this thing at Goodwill (cuz I can't stand to pass up an out of town Goodwill, heehee) and she wanted it so badly, but I convinced her somehow that if we bid it farewell that he may just find his way to her doorstep on her birthday to pay her a visit, and if she was real welcoming then maybe he'd stay forever. LOL, so when she went out to the van with Dad I purchased it, for $1.99 and on the morning of her birthday we set it out on the doorstep and one of the kids rang the door bell. The look on her face was priceless and I only regret that we didn't video tape it. Yes, he's decided to stay....... (o:
Being 3 makes me super silly
Here she is literally a few minutes after waking up. She was bombarded by crown and jewell adorning by her big sisters the second her feet hit the floor. She of course got a surprise visit by stuffed animal on wheels (I forget what she named him, but she did name it something clever) and then that little bassinette she is holding has the sweetest little china doll baby with a cotton white nightgown that I bought at a garage sale for only a buck!
Our sweet Sarah Ruby, what a priceless jewell she is in our family. We love her so much.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Election Predictions


1. The Bible will still have all the answers.

2. Prayer will still work.

3. The Holy Spirit will still move.

4. God will still inhabit the praises of His people.

5. There will still be God-anointed teaching and healing.

6. There will still be singing of praise to God.

7. God will still pour out blessings upon His people.

8. There will still be room at the Cross.

9. Jesus will still love you.

10. Jesus will still save the lost.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

ok, I know if I title the post as wordless wednesday that it's suppose to be wordless, right? well, when am I ever wordless? haha~ maybe I should work on that! (o:
I've just been away from the blog and my computer for some time now and I have so many posts to catch you up on. I have a post written up in my head everyday of things I'd love to share but they never make it from my mind to the keyboard. And, actually, my computer prohibited me for a bit too. kept freezing up on me every time I turned it on. Turns out that it was just the mouse! bought a new one and presto! we're back in business. So, here's a lovely almost wordless picture to share with you. It is of my favortie brother, Wylie, with his new lovely wife, and my birthday girl who turned 8 this month. that's all for now folks (o:

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Super Sales Saturday

(darling little dresses for Sarah~ they look like summer dresses, but put a long sleeve shirt and some cute little boots and tights and they're perfect year 'round!)

If you know me at all, you know how much I LOOOOVE garage sales, and tag sales, and primitive shabby chic sales. There are tons around me, I adore all these gals that turn their homes into little chic shops for the weekend, and then those that have a weekend business out of a little cottage on their property, or even a barn, even the occasional treasures you might find at a junk sale are sometimes worth the stop, although I'm known to do drive by's (o: These sales are how I keep myself out of the rat race of consumerism. What I mean by that is that I am not directly supporting junk importation from various enemy countries~ I don't feel quite as responsible for slave labor and abuse of children because I'm not going into a store/mall/or high end department store and overpaying so that a child can be underpayed and abused. I wish that everything in my home were made by my own loving hands, or the hands of those in my community, but that is simply not the way life is anymore, so I am doing my part by buying it all used (o: and for some crazy reason I'm addicted to it anyways. I literally can not stand to pay full price for anything. Why pay the middle man to get rich just so that they can cheat someone? I don't want any part of it. I shall NOT shop in those stores this Christmas. That is the one time of year I get tempted, cheap lights, candles, stocking stuffers, etc.... but that is so not what Christmas is about and I believe we are going to be held accountable someday for where our money was spent, which is silly to even say since it's not our money. Everything we have, everything that goes through our hands is the Lord's.
Thanks mom and dad for all those Saturdays you took us garage saleing and even when we sat alongside Dad in flea markets while he peddled some stuff. can't remember what it was, but for some weird reason I remember that he bought us teddy graham crackers one Saturday and we were so excited because we rarely got those kinds of snacks. I have a horrible memory, but I do remember random odd things, lol
By the way, just an FYI~ Did you know Burgerville sells fair trade coffee? pretty cool~~~
So Lily's birthday is Monday. 2 of her gifts are going to be the blow pop lunch tin above and that pet vet computer game, for a total of $1.25 yep, that's right a dollar and twenty five cents! Who says raising a large family has to put you in debt??????? (o:
The other thing I love about garage sales is that when I need something, really NEED it, it'll just show up! I always say a little thanks to God because I know he provides our every little need. This canner above was purchased at a garage sale on my way home from getting bunches of apples. I saw this little sale, and it was little, just a sale tucked in a shed garage thing and I just peeked my head in, purposely looking for canning supplies. Gramps comes out in his overalls with the buttons about to burst out the sides from his cute little belly and says, "Whatcha looking for?" I tell him, and he says just a second I think I got one of those~ He comes back out a few minutes later with this gorgeous canner (ok, had a little rust inside, but it was Gorgeous to me!!!) and says here ya go, how's 2 bucks? yippee skippee~ I was driving all the way home with a smile on my face. God is so good to supply all our needs.
nothing too fancy, just some cool primitive wooden boxes. one had free magazines in it.
I got this little cupboard at a backyard cottage shop called Beyond the Garden Gate. Such a cute little shop. I put some of my canned foods in it (canning-that's been keeping me busy this week) I'm going to paint it a country red. The kids have already completed the look with their fingerprints. Looks like it fits right in, 'eh?
Lately I've been lovin' white dishes. just simple plain ceramic white. I couldn't pass these up complete with lids for only a buck. The little plate hot pot holder thingy with the house on it is sorta the theme in my living room.
I love the country stars. I'm doing the boys' room in stars, but also vintage planes, cars, etc....
the blanket was too beautiful to pass up for 3 bucks, it's a queen but we'll find a use for it. the pillows were sweet, and one of the walls in my room are painted the same color.
More darling dresses for Sarah Ruby! so sweet for a buck!! I love the prints on these~
My absolute gem of a find!!!! Bought this from an 80 yr old woman who use to watch her mom mill flour from this!!!!!!!!! only........SEVEN DOLLARS!! My wheat berries are waiting!!!!
just some more cute treasures (o:

Saturday, October 4, 2008

So, I decorated a new shirt for Josiah today. nothing fancy~ tell me what you think (o; Look again if you didn't pay attention to the words (o: heehee
yep, that's right for those of you with your mouths hanging open saying how can it be???? (o: One month to the day of losing our last little one to miscarriage I got a call from the clinic saying Congratulations! How cool is that?! I started suspecting a few days ago that something was going on, just feeling a little different and extremely tired at night. I had some pregnancy tests still around and on Oct. 1st took one. It right away came back positive. I was baffled! So, I took another one, the last one I had. and same results instantly!! I NEVER expected to be blessed again so quickly! God is so good, ALL the time! wow!!!! My first thought was that I would keep this quiet for a little while just to *make sure* baby was going to be sticking around, but my husband's response to that (oh, and I love it too) was It's a pregnancy, it's a baby, it's a Life~ this is cause for celebration, we're not hiding nothing!!!!!! So, yeah, Celebrate with us!!!!!!
(o: (o: (o: can't stop smilin'

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

sorry that I haven't had any words since the last wordless wednesday, but when life keeps you really busy, the wordless posts are the easiest ones. Here's a sweet pic of gramma Lillian with her namesake Lily Ann. we love our Grandma L.!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Special moments with our children..........

I try to get in a LOT of snuggling time with my kids, especially as they are stretching into big kids right off of my lap~ those moments are so precious, let me share the two we had together today.

Me & Grace about 7am~ I'm holding her baby style on my lap even though she is tall for a 6 yr old, she tries to resist at first, but quickly succumbs to the attention (o:

Me "Grace, did you know what a wonderful sweet girl you are and how incredibly proud I am of you?"
Grace "yes, mom you told me that a lot of times"
Me "Well Grace, I sure love you and you'll always be my sweet baby girl, alright?"
Grace "Okay Mom, but your breathe smells really bad, have you been drinking that coffee again?"

Thanks for the heads up Grace (o:

Me & Ben about 8:30 pm tonight post bath~ he LOVES it when he'll surprise me and put on his footie pj's and they are so soft and cuddly and he'll run straight to me with them on and say Mom, you're snuggle bug is here! So, I'll scoop him up and kiss all over his neck and tell him what a sweet snuggle bug he is, and he'll let me rock him, even though he is 4 (oh, and a half) and tough and super strong like Dad, (his exact words) and never stops moving, except to let me rock him. He melts in my arms and is the one of all the kids that asks nightly if I will snuggle with him. So, anyways, I'm rocking him in my arms and telling him how much I love him, and he stops me to say, "Mom, have you ever seen a chicken poop, cuz I have"
Oh, the things that must run through a little boys mind (o: But, if I had to sell all my worldly possesions, besides my Bible and photographs, the very last thing to go would be my rocking chair. Mighty Men of God were raised in rocking chairs I suspect (o:(Here's my boy in motion, who asked me to take a hundred pictures of him jumping off of a rock. I need a picture of him being rocked........... :o)

All the Days of my Life

Psalm 27:4, "One thing have I desired of the Lord, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to inquire in his temple."

David longed for the "House of the Lord." It was his favorite place to be. But David could not be in the house of the Lord continually, as much as he longed to. He was king of a nation. He had battles to fight; administration to attend to. But dear mother, we have the opportunity to live David's longing. Let me explain.

The house of the Lord is no longer one temple as it was in David's day. It is not even a church building where we attend on Sundays or Saturdays today. The house of the Lord speaks of His presence. God wants your home to be His house where His presence dwells; a place where you abide in Him and He abides in you. The house of the Lord is abiding fellowship with Christ. The house of the Lord is your kitchen where you prepare the meals; the house of the Lord is your dining table where you feed your family and make every meal a love affair; the house of the Lord is any room in the home where you are working or interacting with your children.

In your home you can behold the beauty of the Lord. As you abide in Him and look to Him, He will impart His grace to you in your time of need. He will show you that He is the God who is Enough for every challenge and every situation. He is with you, in your home, and will never leave you or forsake you. No, not even when everything seems overwhelming and you feel like tearing your hair out! You are still in the house of the Lord at this moment. Instead of despairing about the situation, stop for a moment and realize that God is with you. He has promised that He will not fail you. Thank Him that He is with you. Thank Him that He cannot fail you.

In your home you can inquire in His temple. David had to go God's temple to inquire of the Lord. He faced battles, enemies and challenges; He needed God's discernment, wisdom and strength. You also long for God's wisdom. You are desperate to know what to do. You cannot go on without His strength. Praise the Lord, you don't have to get into your car and rush off to a church building. You are in the house of the Lord right now. You can inquire in His temple right now. He will give you His wisdom. He has promised, remember.

All you have to do is abide--that literally means to live in His presence. It means to acknowledge that Christ is living within you and that you are in Him. You are inseparable. You are one. He is your life source. You can't live without Him (well, I can't anyway!). Your own strength wains; you need His. Your wisdom is human; you need His divine wisdom. Your love runs out the door; you need His agape love. You are depressed and down in the dumps; His joy does not depend on how you feel. You feel your life is worthless; you can only bear fruit to bless your family and touch other lives as you abide.

John 15:4-5 says, "Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me. I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit; for without me can do nothing." There it is. The secret to living in the house of the Lord all the days of your life.

How I love those words... "all the days of my life." It doesn't matter what my day is like, God is with me. It doesn't matter whether I think God has left me; He is bigger than my thoughts. My thoughts deceive but God doesn't change.

See your home in a new light. It is the house of the Lord. You can live in it all the days of your life.



"Thank you, Lord, for showing me that my home is the house of the Lord. Help me to enjoy my home in a new way. Thank you that I don't have to visit the house of the Lord. I live in it! Amen."


I am not a visitor but a dweller in the house of the Lord.


Look up Isaiah 41: 10, 13; Hebrews 13:5-6; James 1:5-8.

Many women like to save these devotions. They print them out and keep them in a folder to read over and over again. Some print them out and pin them on the fridge with a magnet to read through the week. If you are printing this devotion and need it to be smaller, highlight and change to a smaller font.

If you know others who would be blessed by these devotions, you are welcome to forward them or let them know they can subscribe by sending a blank email to

Monday, September 22, 2008

~*~*~*~*~*I LOVE the Fall~*~*~*~*~*

Happy first day of Fall~ my first favorite season (o: I have 3 more favorite seasons too, you just can't love only one, they all are special in their own way, but Fall truly is beautiful.
Here is my list of things I love about.........
* Of course, the Amazing colors~ what a sight to behold! I use a lot of autumn colors in my house, they are by far my favorite colors. I oohh and aaahhh over the magnificent colors while driving through the country side and tell hubby that I see a color I want on my walls, lol, (kinda like when I get a perfect chicken egg from our girls in a neat-o brown or tan, lol) I day dream of the perfect family photo under a glowing Oak tree sorrounded by big piles of leaves (that Ben, Sarah, and Josiah are NOT jumping through while running from the camera) Someday I want to go to Maine or somewhere in that vicinity where I've heard Autumn is breathtaking.

* pumpkin pie, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin coffee creamer, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin candles, roasted pumpkin hot out of the oven with butter and salt, pumpkin shaped candy, pumpkins on my porch, pumpkin patches, pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, if they made pumpkin gum I'd probably try that........ ;o)

* Sweaters, sweaters on my sister's chihuahua, scarves, tights, long skirts, knee high socks, boots, my denim jacket, big wool socks with my birkenstocks, layers, .......

* APPLES! CORN! SQUASH! did I mention PUMPKINS yet?! SUNFLOWERS still in bloom! Seeing the fruits of our labor coming from the garden~ I love harvesting and watching my family be nourished through it. I love that working in the ground brings us food to our table, so much more satisfying then bringing it home from the grocery store where it's shipped in from who knows where....

* My 3 young turkeys who are, to the children's delight~ not going to be fat enough for Turkey Day and we will, well~ just have to have another vegetarian Thanksgiving! (o:

*Harvest Parties! Aren't they the best? have you ever been to a barn party or a real apple cider pressing party?! There is usually a big bonfire to go along with it, a gathering of old and new friends, hay rides, scare crows, roasted corn on the cob, fiddles and banjos, old fashioned fun and enough flannel to get your fill till the next Fall (o: Yee~Haw (Anyone hosting one this year???)

* Cuddling up next to your sweetie (or a good book, lol) under a blanket with some hot cider in front of a crackling fire.

I KNOW there is much more to love about Fall~ what do you love about this glorious season?????

Friday, September 19, 2008

Party Hardy

We party hard around here, hahahaha

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Josiah (jojo) just being cute

Don't judge, you don't know him~ trust me it's for his safety and yours. hehehe

sisterly love, I just love it.

Monday, September 15, 2008

wish I had a picture.....

for what I saw on the interstate today~
Picture gramps on one of those cruiser bikes, the kind of motorcycle that you take trips on, with all the bells and whistles. Looks as comfortable as one could be on 2 wheels at the speed of 70 mph, he was practically lounging. He looked to be the age of all the men you see driving motorhomes, except he looked more comfortable than the men driving the giant wobbly home on wheels between the semi's around here. Here's the best part though~ he was not alone. Oh no, his lady was right there beside him. that's right~beside him, not behind him. She was in a recliner position in a little side car attached to his bike. She had her drink holder, her little headset where she can converse with gramps, and here's the best part~ she had her walker strapped to the back of her sidecar. No kidding~ a walker! Obviously age is catching up to these folks still out enjoying themselves, which I highly admire~and it appears that it'll take a lot to slow these two down! I wanted to give them a big thumbs up and yell AWESOME out my van window as I drove by, but I didn't want to embarras them, or more likely just embarras myself. (o:

Sunday, September 14, 2008

1st day of school

I have 4 kids in school this year. It's odd to have them gone all day after enjoying so many years with them here by my side, but they are truly enjoying it and we are truly blessed with a wonderful little bitty school, and the fact that they have a better teacher student ratio then they did at home is quite humorous! At least Melody will be back to homeschooling next year(if not all of them) as they don't offer high school, and this mama just couldn't stand to have her girl apart from her that long anyways. the years are flying by too fast and I need to keep her close before she has to spread her wings and fly (o:
Here's some pics of the munchkins I have at home still occupying my days.........

They are a handful, that's for sure.....never a dull moment (o:
and here's the dad~ he still requires the most attention, lol...this is my lovely dog Molly. Isn't she adorable? Can you guess what kind of dog she is????
I'd love to know if you figure it out (o:

Out of place

Do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong era?
I know it's silly. God places us where we are for a reason. No changing that! But last night we went down to Fort Vancouver and watched with wide eyed wonder as they reenacted 1846 at the Fort, and I couldn't help but somehow wish we didn't have to leave.
We got to silently walk through the old, old houses by candlelight as we listened to the conversations that may have been happening over 150 years ago. We watched the blacksmiths working in their shops, we saw the Dr. and his hundreds of bottles of potions, we watched the ladies working by their candlelight and visiting while one of the big sisters braided her younger sister's hair. We went through the bakery with their huge brick ovens. We saw the pots all hanging in a row over a fire while they prepared corn bread, rabbit stew, and beans. We went through the fur trading post area where Sarah started saying "oh no, they got killed" about all the animals! (o:
I lingered the longest in the homes where they raised families. I tried to take in all that I could, as it really is my favorite way to decorate. If I could afford it I'd have my home all done in antiques. The older, the better! I wish we could step back and live more simply. I'd leave behind all the modern day gadgets in a heartbeat. We don't need television, that's for sure!! I still don't have a cell phone contract, I wouldn't know what to do with an mp3, microwaves are unhealthy........ but I do admit that I love a good hot shower everyday!! (o:
But what I long for is the community. The closeness of women working together, Fathers working close to or at home(not a 40 minute commute one way everyday), caring for our neighbors, the simplicity, just the basics and our focus on what was truly important, not a house full of plastic junk or acquiring more *stuff* as we watch the world around us suffer. Seems like with all the technology abounding that we could've come a lot further with humanity rather than all the hoarding that we as Americans partake in. okay, I'm getting off subject here and the kids have been in and out about 800 times, making it hard to have clear thoughts (o:
Yours truly, a wannabe pioneer gal

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Our little Gift

The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away~ and through it all blessed be the name of the Lord.
We were given a little gift from the Lord for only a very short time, but in it we rejoice knowing that we have a little soul in heaven, already basking in His Light and Glory! For this we are overjoyed and it brings us such comfort. We miss who that little person would've been in our family and how much joy he/she would've brought to us all, but we know God's plans are always best, for this we are grateful. I yearn for the day we shall be together and I can wrap my arms around that little one, but for now we will hold our dear ones a little tighter and thank our Heavenly Father for all the blessings he has bestowed upon us.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Birthday Blast

I had such a neat birthday that I didn't even mind turning a year older~ imagine that. As I creep closer and closer to 40, I start to realize that my parent's weren't as old as I thought they were, and much wiser then I gave them credit for (o:
so, my birthday started at midnight, cuz I'm rarely asleep before greeting the AM hours~ so
at midnight Marty gave me a gift cuz he just can never wait.
and was a digital camera~ so no more excuses why I can't
get you all some new pictures huh? (o: I had no idea he was going to
get me a camera so I was so pumped! I really needed a new one. Sarah
Ruby threw mine on the floor of home depot and it has never really
worked well since.
the best part was the card he wrote me though. sweetest thing I've
ever read. I do declare, these hubbies get better with age!
Summer gave me a birthday book full of quotes from the kids to me from
them. Then it was full of bible verses on God's love for us. I was
soooo touched. this is my thoughtful 10 yr old that loves to write.
I feel soooo blessed!
in the morning I took the 2 oldest kids to church camp at 7am and when
I got in the van my 13yr old had a card and a piece of chocolate on my
seat for me. she knows her mama~ lol
came home from that, kids and I and hubby met up with my dad, and
brother for a chinese food lunch~ yum! marty had to go to swingshift
so my brother and I took the kids up the gorge to see Multnomah Falls
and did a small hike. It was gorgeous! we played in the water a bit
then we went and got slurpees~
met back at my sisters house and she made us all homemade pizzas and
my mom and aunt came over too and brought cheesecake and icecream....
ahhhhhhh~ what a day, lol. enough sugar to last me until my next
birthday though~ got home at about 11pm and Marty rolled in a few
minutes later. we got the littles to bed except for my 7 yr old Lily
and her and Marty and I went out on the trampoline with blankets and
watched falling stars. Every year on my birthday there is always
meteor showers or some kind of spectacular light show happening up
above, we counted 12 falling stars within a half hour! Lily kept
telling me thank you for letting her stay up with us, lol.... SUCH a
wonderful day AND night~ couldn't of asked for a better birthday. I
feel soooooooo blessed (o:
here's Wylie and the youngest 5 , Ben really was having a good time, Wylie must be pinching him to keep him in place, haha
Aunt Melanie just being awesome Aunt Melanie!
My mama and my Aunt Lila (her sister) here visiting from Idaho
Lily and her yummy creation!
Here's me and the 4 that I could grab~ the rest are off jumping into the waterfall or something~ haha~ hey I'm THIRTYFOUR!!!!!! wow

Friday, May 23, 2008

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Busy Bees

We've been so busy here my head's spinning. I have most my garden planted, we are finishing up the new stairs to our daylight basement, contractor is coming Monday for the carpet estimate, and hubby and I are going to paint the wainscotting and new walls. Maybe I spelled wainscoating wrong, either way spell check doesn't like it (o: anyone have any suggestions besides white? I'm really into country decor. I thought a wheat yellow for the walls and a cornflower blue on the wainscotting would be real country, but I don't know if I'm that brave. I like the look of white wainscotting though, but it goes up and down our stairs which means little dirty finger prints all the time to drive me crazy!
My brother was here from Hawaii and left this morning. It's always fun when he's around, he'll be back soon as he gets married 4th of July weekend! F I N A L L Y Crystal will officially be part of our family! I'm suppose to be helping my sister make the invitations to Crystal's bridal shower, I mean lingerie shower...ohhlala, lol
Our oldest (turns 18 tomorrow!) and our 4th daughter (turns 6 on Monday) are celebrating birthdays tomorrow and we're having a house full. It's been so hot lately too and we found out our central air is not working! fun, fun for a houseful of party guests! We're leaving in the evening with everyone to see the new Chronicles of Narnia movie. I'm leaving Josiah with a babysitter for the first time ever with some people from church, our old neighbors. I'll probably be thinking of him through the whole movie! (o: We have graduation party for the 18yr old (Martin would be his name, lol) on the 8th and his graduation is on the 10th, my 2nd cake decorating course is suppose to start in June, but seriously my calendar is SOOOO full like every other day that I'm going to have to cancel )o: and my sister flies in from Hawaii with her kids on the 7th. My Dad flies out to Sudan this Friday morning, and my other sister flies in from Hungary. My family is big missions oriented, can you tell, lol? And here I am raising my army from solid ground still having never stepped foot on an airplane~ Although I do fly in my dreams (o:
I'm so excited to have my siblings all together on this side of the globe again! yayayayayay!! I'm just a LITTLE excited. I love my family (o:
Sorry that I haven't been posting much, life's happenin' (o:

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Cakes, Cakes, and more Cakes......

I started a cake decorating class at the beginning of April. I finished the first 4 week course and will start up again in June. It's fantastic~ It's something creative I can do that includes decorating, and using my handwriting, which I am actually fond of, not to toot my own horn (o:
I hope to be talented enough to make wedding cakes someday.
Only problem, I can't have my cake and eat it too.... (or make my cake and eat it too)
In our class we make buttercream frosting, and you do know what the two main ingredients of that is, right? SHORTENING AND SUGAR! ughhh....I HAVE to find a way to make healthier cakes with frosting that is actually healthy and the right consistency to be able to decorate. That would be so cool, I'm sure it must be possible??????
So, here's some fun pictures of my first few cakes (and some cupcakes, clowns especially for you Mary~I'll make them for your homecoming party. heeheeheeheehee in my most devious laugh......

My baby boy turned one! And~he's not too fond of cake

these were cute and seriously so easy to make. See, they're not scary clowns, right Mary? I still can't figure out how to make my pictures not sideways!! sorry guys
My sister in law's birthday cake, see it's a good thing I'm taking this class because the birthday season in our family is now upon us! Learning how to make the roses was way cool~
And, while everyone ate cake this is what I ate! But, I'm quite sure mine was better (o: This is my version of the raw spaghetti I ate over at the most fantastic restaurant in Portland Oregon. If you're ever this way, you've got to check it out~ The Blooming Lotus.
My next kitchen tool purchase is going to be the saladacco. It's this cool gadget that turns your zuchinni into little angel hair pasta! yyyyyuuuummmmmmmm

Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day

I can't believe it's May! can you believe it's May? Last year went on record as the fastest year ever, and it looks as though this year is trying to disappear as well! Remember when you were growing up how older people would tell you time really flies, and you're like nu-uh, I've been in the 3rd grade fooooorever. Well, then when I had my first darling baby, older moms would tell me, be careful they grow up soooo fast! Guess what? It was all true! every year that I age, the year gets shorter! by the time I'm 80 I'll just take a nap and I'll be 90. (o:
Well, to celebrate another beautiful day, and it being May Day, Lily made me a cute little paper flower bouquet and Josiah decided to WALK! yep, full on walking. He just got up and walked across the room, and he tried to sneak it in on us too..... He was so nonchalant about it too, like he had been doing it for years. I've learned not to spaz about things the kids do until after or else I'll shock them and they'll fall over. When I was potty training my first I remember the first time she started peeing in her little potty seat I squealed so loudly (being so proud of her ability to pee???) that she literally jumped off her chair mid-pee in a frantic desperation trying to get away from whatever mom was screaming about...... so.......
now I just act like oh cool, so you're walking....and then the second his bootie hit the floor again I jumped up and hugged him and clapped and carried on. He was so proud of himself (o: wish I woulda had the video camera right there waiting.
I got a new sewing machine for Christmas, it's a lot of fun. I'm teaching myself to sew again. I've played around with it in years past, but I actually bought some patterns and attempted them. I made the cutest bloomers for the girls, I don't actually have a pic of that yet, but I did whip up some quick valances for my windows in the dining room and those were easy peasy. Here's what they look like. I'm mad for plaid. (o:

I did take the snowflakes down finally a few days ago, but really it wasn't that inappropriate seeing as how we had a couple inches of snow in April~ crazy, eh?

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Just because I don't have time to write out a whole blog on what I really want to write about right now..... raw foods. So, here's some more pics to share with you. (o:
As soon as I figure out how to get my daughter's camera to download pics on my computer I will post some raw foods recipes complete with pictures!