Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Special moments with our children..........

I try to get in a LOT of snuggling time with my kids, especially as they are stretching into big kids right off of my lap~ those moments are so precious, let me share the two we had together today.

Me & Grace about 7am~ I'm holding her baby style on my lap even though she is tall for a 6 yr old, she tries to resist at first, but quickly succumbs to the attention (o:

Me "Grace, did you know what a wonderful sweet girl you are and how incredibly proud I am of you?"
Grace "yes, mom you told me that a lot of times"
Me "Well Grace, I sure love you and you'll always be my sweet baby girl, alright?"
Grace "Okay Mom, but your breathe smells really bad, have you been drinking that coffee again?"

Thanks for the heads up Grace (o:

Me & Ben about 8:30 pm tonight post bath~ he LOVES it when he'll surprise me and put on his footie pj's and they are so soft and cuddly and he'll run straight to me with them on and say Mom, you're snuggle bug is here! So, I'll scoop him up and kiss all over his neck and tell him what a sweet snuggle bug he is, and he'll let me rock him, even though he is 4 (oh, and a half) and tough and super strong like Dad, (his exact words) and never stops moving, except to let me rock him. He melts in my arms and is the one of all the kids that asks nightly if I will snuggle with him. So, anyways, I'm rocking him in my arms and telling him how much I love him, and he stops me to say, "Mom, have you ever seen a chicken poop, cuz I have"
Oh, the things that must run through a little boys mind (o: But, if I had to sell all my worldly possesions, besides my Bible and photographs, the very last thing to go would be my rocking chair. Mighty Men of God were raised in rocking chairs I suspect (o:(Here's my boy in motion, who asked me to take a hundred pictures of him jumping off of a rock. I need a picture of him being rocked........... :o)


MandarineMama said...

Awe! :) This made Jon and I laugh!!! I love kids. They are so inocent and sweet!

Michelle said...

OH Bonnie, how that brought tears to my eyes. And what a wonderful reminder. I need to do that more.

Mary Foster said...

This is my favorite thing of all time when you and jenny write quotes and stories from experiences with the Kids... oh my goodness, i love it so much! "Here comes your snuggle bug!"