Sunday, September 14, 2008

1st day of school

I have 4 kids in school this year. It's odd to have them gone all day after enjoying so many years with them here by my side, but they are truly enjoying it and we are truly blessed with a wonderful little bitty school, and the fact that they have a better teacher student ratio then they did at home is quite humorous! At least Melody will be back to homeschooling next year(if not all of them) as they don't offer high school, and this mama just couldn't stand to have her girl apart from her that long anyways. the years are flying by too fast and I need to keep her close before she has to spread her wings and fly (o:
Here's some pics of the munchkins I have at home still occupying my days.........

They are a handful, that's for sure.....never a dull moment (o:
and here's the dad~ he still requires the most attention, lol...this is my lovely dog Molly. Isn't she adorable? Can you guess what kind of dog she is????
I'd love to know if you figure it out (o:


Shell said...

Oh Bonnie, your kids have such pretty eyes!!!! What a great bunch kiddos!!!

MandarineMama said...

it almost brought a tear to my eye to see Gracie's first day of school. Awwwe, my little buddy is going to school. I just can't believe all of your little ones are getting so big. And o my gosh, that picture of Josiah is still making me laugh! So cute. Give them all kisses for me. :) (most of them would think it was weird if I did that myself lol)

Mary Foster said...

Josiahs face in the one with his face close up is soooooo adorable! I love that grin! Urgh, its so hard to look at all of this when I am over here, when I see this then I just want to come home right now... Just hop in my car and drive to your house and find the kids and tackle them and call Ben a snuggle bug... but, I love your blog and I love that your doing this, because it is sooo great to be updated and see all the kids and whats going on recently in your lives. I think its mostly the holiday/fall months. They are the best with Family.