Sunday, September 14, 2008

Out of place

Do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong era?
I know it's silly. God places us where we are for a reason. No changing that! But last night we went down to Fort Vancouver and watched with wide eyed wonder as they reenacted 1846 at the Fort, and I couldn't help but somehow wish we didn't have to leave.
We got to silently walk through the old, old houses by candlelight as we listened to the conversations that may have been happening over 150 years ago. We watched the blacksmiths working in their shops, we saw the Dr. and his hundreds of bottles of potions, we watched the ladies working by their candlelight and visiting while one of the big sisters braided her younger sister's hair. We went through the bakery with their huge brick ovens. We saw the pots all hanging in a row over a fire while they prepared corn bread, rabbit stew, and beans. We went through the fur trading post area where Sarah started saying "oh no, they got killed" about all the animals! (o:
I lingered the longest in the homes where they raised families. I tried to take in all that I could, as it really is my favorite way to decorate. If I could afford it I'd have my home all done in antiques. The older, the better! I wish we could step back and live more simply. I'd leave behind all the modern day gadgets in a heartbeat. We don't need television, that's for sure!! I still don't have a cell phone contract, I wouldn't know what to do with an mp3, microwaves are unhealthy........ but I do admit that I love a good hot shower everyday!! (o:
But what I long for is the community. The closeness of women working together, Fathers working close to or at home(not a 40 minute commute one way everyday), caring for our neighbors, the simplicity, just the basics and our focus on what was truly important, not a house full of plastic junk or acquiring more *stuff* as we watch the world around us suffer. Seems like with all the technology abounding that we could've come a lot further with humanity rather than all the hoarding that we as Americans partake in. okay, I'm getting off subject here and the kids have been in and out about 800 times, making it hard to have clear thoughts (o:
Yours truly, a wannabe pioneer gal


MamaNavy Brat said...

wanna be right there with you. I even love the old textbooks.

mary grace said...

I know exactly what you mean. :-)

Rebecca said...

Community is where it is!! I'm right there with ya!