Sunday, November 16, 2008

Would it bother you more if they used a Gun?

Sisters, this is why *I* cried the day Obama was elected. He stood in front of Planned Parenthood and America and ensured them that *choice* would be available to all. That he would sign the Freedom of Choice Act and that Planned Parenthood would thrive. What choice do the innocent have? Who will be their voice? Copy and paste this link to watch this youtube. See what kind of man America has chosen for their new leader. I can't believe that America is this bloodthirsty. Obama is supporting it. I am sickened. We can pray, and we can be the voice for the innocent. Somebody has to stand up for what is righteous. This is going to be a long fight.

Monday, November 10, 2008

From the mouth of a babe

Lily said something to me tonight, just in her own little thoughts, and I thought that it was quite astounding how at just 8 years old she has such insight and knowledge that I don't remember grasping at that age. Maybe I still don't today..... (o:
I let her come along with me for a quick drive down to the nearest store here in our little town. I like letting one or two come alone with me because they think it is such a treat to be the *chosen one* to go on an outing alone with Mom, and Lily knows how to capitalize on that when we get into the store. She will always ever so sweetly pick out something real small that she knows I can't give an automatic no to because of the price.....well, anyways this is not the knowledge I'm boasting about, I am quite sure I knew about that kind of knowledge as a kid, heehee....
So, on our drive home she says "Mom, when you're a baby God is in you. He is really close to you because you came from him and you have not sinned yet. As you're getting older some people will start to push him away but He is always there waiting for you to invite him back in. Isn't that right, Mom?" I dunno, maybe it's just cuz I'm her mom, but I thought that was pretty right on, especially for a newly 8 year old.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Uh-oh, I see a trend here. It's wordless wednesday again.......sure wish I was posting more in between the wordless wednesdays! sorry 'bout that (o: for your viewing enjoyment, here's some pics of Sarah on her 3rd birthday. She was our other October birthday girl! Maybe I'll find Sarah's homebirth story and share it here....... For whatever reason all the pictures that I loaded came in the wrong order, so anyways, the above picture is of Ben giving his birthday sister a big 'ol birthday hug. I think he's just so happy that she chose to go to the Kid Zone for her special day. They get to go there, oh....maybe once every couple years. Seriously this place is a germ fest Holiday. It is all the right ingredients for incubating every nasty cold and flu virus lurking out there. Warm, humid, dark, plastic tunnels full of profusely sweating kids (and the brave (foolish??) parents who dare to squeeze in behind them...aka~ me!) How often do we really think one of those underage workers climbs through their with disinfectant in hand? I still shutter at the memory...... and yep, guess who was barfing by Monday morning? Ben! He's usually one of the first to go down~ Sarah joined him by Tuesday night........ was it worth the 3 hours of bizarre, heart pounding fun???? well, the kids think so..... LOL
My sweet 3 year old
She loves this little pull stuffed toy. Cool thing about this little thing is that we were on our way home from a mini trip we took as a family this summer (I still need to post about that) and she saw this thing at Goodwill (cuz I can't stand to pass up an out of town Goodwill, heehee) and she wanted it so badly, but I convinced her somehow that if we bid it farewell that he may just find his way to her doorstep on her birthday to pay her a visit, and if she was real welcoming then maybe he'd stay forever. LOL, so when she went out to the van with Dad I purchased it, for $1.99 and on the morning of her birthday we set it out on the doorstep and one of the kids rang the door bell. The look on her face was priceless and I only regret that we didn't video tape it. Yes, he's decided to stay....... (o:
Being 3 makes me super silly
Here she is literally a few minutes after waking up. She was bombarded by crown and jewell adorning by her big sisters the second her feet hit the floor. She of course got a surprise visit by stuffed animal on wheels (I forget what she named him, but she did name it something clever) and then that little bassinette she is holding has the sweetest little china doll baby with a cotton white nightgown that I bought at a garage sale for only a buck!
Our sweet Sarah Ruby, what a priceless jewell she is in our family. We love her so much.