Monday, November 10, 2008

From the mouth of a babe

Lily said something to me tonight, just in her own little thoughts, and I thought that it was quite astounding how at just 8 years old she has such insight and knowledge that I don't remember grasping at that age. Maybe I still don't today..... (o:
I let her come along with me for a quick drive down to the nearest store here in our little town. I like letting one or two come alone with me because they think it is such a treat to be the *chosen one* to go on an outing alone with Mom, and Lily knows how to capitalize on that when we get into the store. She will always ever so sweetly pick out something real small that she knows I can't give an automatic no to because of the price.....well, anyways this is not the knowledge I'm boasting about, I am quite sure I knew about that kind of knowledge as a kid, heehee....
So, on our drive home she says "Mom, when you're a baby God is in you. He is really close to you because you came from him and you have not sinned yet. As you're getting older some people will start to push him away but He is always there waiting for you to invite him back in. Isn't that right, Mom?" I dunno, maybe it's just cuz I'm her mom, but I thought that was pretty right on, especially for a newly 8 year old.


MandarineMama said...

Lily is very smart:) I'm not sure many adults grasp that!

JenFos said...

Lily is so amazing, she always has seemed to be a deep thinker, contemplating everything. I think that is how alot of creative people are and lily is definitely creative, thinking outside the box. Thats awesome! Tell Lily I love her