Sunday, November 16, 2008

Would it bother you more if they used a Gun?

Sisters, this is why *I* cried the day Obama was elected. He stood in front of Planned Parenthood and America and ensured them that *choice* would be available to all. That he would sign the Freedom of Choice Act and that Planned Parenthood would thrive. What choice do the innocent have? Who will be their voice? Copy and paste this link to watch this youtube. See what kind of man America has chosen for their new leader. I can't believe that America is this bloodthirsty. Obama is supporting it. I am sickened. We can pray, and we can be the voice for the innocent. Somebody has to stand up for what is righteous. This is going to be a long fight.


JenFos said...

I checked out that video that is really sad, it always breaks my heart when I watch those videos. I hope our conversation last night made sense to you. My heart has not changed and will never change about the atrocities of abortion, and at the same time my heart will not change about the senseless deaths in war. Like I mentioned before, I do not put my trust in a leader, I only put my trust in God, and Obama does not define who I am, I am inspired by the racial equality that will begin to unfold with him as a president, but his hands and McCains hands are covered in blood both pushing towards something that stomps on the sanctity of human life, abortion and murder of children, mothers fathers etc through senseless war acts. I simply seek peace, because I am called to be a peacemaker, not only for one subject but for all injustices, I think it is that simple. Dancers will dance upon injustice! Not just one issue but all. That is how we followers of christ stand apart from the world. We should not partake in any injustice that is happening to other human beings around the entire world. Wether they are using a gun, or a knife, or a syringe or an abandonement, or a lack of food, or closed eyes and a turned head to issues of poor, hungry, and dieing, whatever it may be, whatever the murder weapon is, it is all equally atrocious, all equally inhumane. Voice for the innocent (all innocent).

MandarineMama said...

I also do not understand how people can be so for abortion and be so upset about war. Jesus is the "Prince of Peace" And yet, in the bible, Jesus supports war when defending your country. (I will find that passage, I have it somewhere saved) We are supposed to be supporting our troops and our leader (bummer...) So far in the Iraq war, The US has lost 4201. That is 4201 men and women who joined WILLINGLY. Yet, in the U.S. 3700 babies are aborted EVERY DAY. That is 25,900 babies a week which is basically the town of Longview.

That is why I don't understand people and their thought process. Sure, war kills innocent people. But not nearly as many innocent people. Stalin killed about 60 million people during his reign. And he was the greatest Mass murder(er) in history. Every year world wide there are around 42 million abortions.

I think the facts speak for themselves, unfortunately it isn't going to stop, but I don't understand how people willingly voted in someone who wont keep our troops in Iraq, (where they are actually making a difference) BUT he is okay with killing innocent babies, And if they don't die on the first try, he is willing to neglect it till it dies naturally.

That is sick.

JenFos said...

This qoute says it all, it is literally one of the most wise and inspiring qoutes I have ever read, it could not be put more simply than this, I just wanted to share this, I am gonna post it everywhere because it should be read by all, it is seriously very thoughtful words....

Peace is not the product of terror or fear.
Peace is not the silence of cemeteries.
Peace is not the silent result of violent repression.
Peace is the generous,
tranquil contribution of all
to the good of all.
Peace is dynamism.
Peace is generosity.
It is right and it is duty.

- Archbishop Oscar Romero