Saturday, October 4, 2008

So, I decorated a new shirt for Josiah today. nothing fancy~ tell me what you think (o; Look again if you didn't pay attention to the words (o: heehee
yep, that's right for those of you with your mouths hanging open saying how can it be???? (o: One month to the day of losing our last little one to miscarriage I got a call from the clinic saying Congratulations! How cool is that?! I started suspecting a few days ago that something was going on, just feeling a little different and extremely tired at night. I had some pregnancy tests still around and on Oct. 1st took one. It right away came back positive. I was baffled! So, I took another one, the last one I had. and same results instantly!! I NEVER expected to be blessed again so quickly! God is so good, ALL the time! wow!!!! My first thought was that I would keep this quiet for a little while just to *make sure* baby was going to be sticking around, but my husband's response to that (oh, and I love it too) was It's a pregnancy, it's a baby, it's a Life~ this is cause for celebration, we're not hiding nothing!!!!!! So, yeah, Celebrate with us!!!!!!
(o: (o: (o: can't stop smilin'


Anita Ann said...


Shell said...

Congrats again Bonnie!!!!!!!!!!!

Love that shirt and the little guy in it!



Mary Foster said...

I cant believe it!! God is soo good, he gives and takes away. Thats so cool what Marty said...

So when is the due date?!
I think I will be home for the birth of this one!

Jen said...

YAY Bonnie! I cant believe it. When I saw Josiahs shirt I didnt even think twice, its like I just assumed he was a big brother, I dont know. I didnt put 2 and 2 together. That is soooooo cool! I love the little shirt he is wearing, he is looking so darn squeezable, especially that little buddha belly of his. I love it. anyways, good luck with this one, and the last one was lucky too, because it was a life, and is in heaven happy as ever. So whatever happens with this one it will be blessed lucky to be brought to life and wonderful. I love you, and marty is awesome. yay for the baby in the belly!!!

Yara said...

and I love the attitude you & Marty are taking
it is a life & it is a reason to celebrate
I could not agree more : )
what a blessing!

Skinnyontheinside said...

Bonnie, YEAH!!!!!!! That is wonderful news.

Rebecca said...

Congratulations Bonnie. I am so excited for you. I have been in your shoes three times. And yes, God is so good to us.