Saturday, October 11, 2008

Super Sales Saturday

(darling little dresses for Sarah~ they look like summer dresses, but put a long sleeve shirt and some cute little boots and tights and they're perfect year 'round!)

If you know me at all, you know how much I LOOOOVE garage sales, and tag sales, and primitive shabby chic sales. There are tons around me, I adore all these gals that turn their homes into little chic shops for the weekend, and then those that have a weekend business out of a little cottage on their property, or even a barn, even the occasional treasures you might find at a junk sale are sometimes worth the stop, although I'm known to do drive by's (o: These sales are how I keep myself out of the rat race of consumerism. What I mean by that is that I am not directly supporting junk importation from various enemy countries~ I don't feel quite as responsible for slave labor and abuse of children because I'm not going into a store/mall/or high end department store and overpaying so that a child can be underpayed and abused. I wish that everything in my home were made by my own loving hands, or the hands of those in my community, but that is simply not the way life is anymore, so I am doing my part by buying it all used (o: and for some crazy reason I'm addicted to it anyways. I literally can not stand to pay full price for anything. Why pay the middle man to get rich just so that they can cheat someone? I don't want any part of it. I shall NOT shop in those stores this Christmas. That is the one time of year I get tempted, cheap lights, candles, stocking stuffers, etc.... but that is so not what Christmas is about and I believe we are going to be held accountable someday for where our money was spent, which is silly to even say since it's not our money. Everything we have, everything that goes through our hands is the Lord's.
Thanks mom and dad for all those Saturdays you took us garage saleing and even when we sat alongside Dad in flea markets while he peddled some stuff. can't remember what it was, but for some weird reason I remember that he bought us teddy graham crackers one Saturday and we were so excited because we rarely got those kinds of snacks. I have a horrible memory, but I do remember random odd things, lol
By the way, just an FYI~ Did you know Burgerville sells fair trade coffee? pretty cool~~~
So Lily's birthday is Monday. 2 of her gifts are going to be the blow pop lunch tin above and that pet vet computer game, for a total of $1.25 yep, that's right a dollar and twenty five cents! Who says raising a large family has to put you in debt??????? (o:
The other thing I love about garage sales is that when I need something, really NEED it, it'll just show up! I always say a little thanks to God because I know he provides our every little need. This canner above was purchased at a garage sale on my way home from getting bunches of apples. I saw this little sale, and it was little, just a sale tucked in a shed garage thing and I just peeked my head in, purposely looking for canning supplies. Gramps comes out in his overalls with the buttons about to burst out the sides from his cute little belly and says, "Whatcha looking for?" I tell him, and he says just a second I think I got one of those~ He comes back out a few minutes later with this gorgeous canner (ok, had a little rust inside, but it was Gorgeous to me!!!) and says here ya go, how's 2 bucks? yippee skippee~ I was driving all the way home with a smile on my face. God is so good to supply all our needs.
nothing too fancy, just some cool primitive wooden boxes. one had free magazines in it.
I got this little cupboard at a backyard cottage shop called Beyond the Garden Gate. Such a cute little shop. I put some of my canned foods in it (canning-that's been keeping me busy this week) I'm going to paint it a country red. The kids have already completed the look with their fingerprints. Looks like it fits right in, 'eh?
Lately I've been lovin' white dishes. just simple plain ceramic white. I couldn't pass these up complete with lids for only a buck. The little plate hot pot holder thingy with the house on it is sorta the theme in my living room.
I love the country stars. I'm doing the boys' room in stars, but also vintage planes, cars, etc....
the blanket was too beautiful to pass up for 3 bucks, it's a queen but we'll find a use for it. the pillows were sweet, and one of the walls in my room are painted the same color.
More darling dresses for Sarah Ruby! so sweet for a buck!! I love the prints on these~
My absolute gem of a find!!!! Bought this from an 80 yr old woman who use to watch her mom mill flour from this!!!!!!!!! only........SEVEN DOLLARS!! My wheat berries are waiting!!!!
just some more cute treasures (o:


Anita Ann said...

WOW I need to go shopping with you! Those are some amazing finds!!

JenFos said...

Yo dude, my favorite is the old school lunch boxes, how stinken cool. Your kids are gonna have the coolest lunch boxes in the whole school. The dresses for sarah are cute too! The mill is rad too! Is this all in one day of shopping? Now all you need to do is give away a box of stuff each time you score a box of stuff to even things out, haaa haaaa ;) So I am still trying to figure out my blog thing, have you seen it yet? So if a person leaves a comment do I get notified by e-mail that they did? Also if someone sighns up to follow my blog do they get notified by e-mail that I have a new post, because I was telling people that was the case, just assuming, but I am not exactly sure if it does notify them? Let me know. anyways, cool finds, love you!

Shell said...

Wow, Bonnie! You hit the jack-pot yard saleing. Don't you love it? I'm so sad that its going to get cold and I can't yard sale anymore. Oh well, I guess I'll hit the resale shops.


Michelle said...

awesome finds!

i love it that I'm not the only one buying presents from a garage sale...I've gotten several so far. have to go to your dashboard, then to settings and change it so you can get notified when someone comments. They won't way to change that.

Rebecca said...

You and I could get along just fine. I too do not buy clothes brand new. I do a lot of garage saling and thrift store shopping. My kids are always dressed clean and cute and I am so thankful. I love a good bargin. I love the dresses you found. They are so pretty.