Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

ok, I know if I title the post as wordless wednesday that it's suppose to be wordless, right? well, when am I ever wordless? haha~ maybe I should work on that! (o:
I've just been away from the blog and my computer for some time now and I have so many posts to catch you up on. I have a post written up in my head everyday of things I'd love to share but they never make it from my mind to the keyboard. And, actually, my computer prohibited me for a bit too. kept freezing up on me every time I turned it on. Turns out that it was just the mouse! bought a new one and presto! we're back in business. So, here's a lovely almost wordless picture to share with you. It is of my favortie brother, Wylie, with his new lovely wife, and my birthday girl who turned 8 this month. that's all for now folks (o:

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JenFos said...

I love this picture! I cant believe how old lily is. wow!