Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day

I can't believe it's May! can you believe it's May? Last year went on record as the fastest year ever, and it looks as though this year is trying to disappear as well! Remember when you were growing up how older people would tell you time really flies, and you're like nu-uh, I've been in the 3rd grade fooooorever. Well, then when I had my first darling baby, older moms would tell me, be careful they grow up soooo fast! Guess what? It was all true! every year that I age, the year gets shorter! by the time I'm 80 I'll just take a nap and I'll be 90. (o:
Well, to celebrate another beautiful day, and it being May Day, Lily made me a cute little paper flower bouquet and Josiah decided to WALK! yep, full on walking. He just got up and walked across the room, and he tried to sneak it in on us too..... He was so nonchalant about it too, like he had been doing it for years. I've learned not to spaz about things the kids do until after or else I'll shock them and they'll fall over. When I was potty training my first I remember the first time she started peeing in her little potty seat I squealed so loudly (being so proud of her ability to pee???) that she literally jumped off her chair mid-pee in a frantic desperation trying to get away from whatever mom was screaming about...... so.......
now I just act like oh cool, so you're walking....and then the second his bootie hit the floor again I jumped up and hugged him and clapped and carried on. He was so proud of himself (o: wish I woulda had the video camera right there waiting.
I got a new sewing machine for Christmas, it's a lot of fun. I'm teaching myself to sew again. I've played around with it in years past, but I actually bought some patterns and attempted them. I made the cutest bloomers for the girls, I don't actually have a pic of that yet, but I did whip up some quick valances for my windows in the dining room and those were easy peasy. Here's what they look like. I'm mad for plaid. (o:

I did take the snowflakes down finally a few days ago, but really it wasn't that inappropriate seeing as how we had a couple inches of snow in April~ crazy, eh?

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