Thursday, January 29, 2009

Things I never tire of

Here's a small list, not in any particular order, but I was just thinking of it while pulling fresh bread from the that shall be #1 on this list. I'm sure I'll think of more things later~feel free to comment and we'll add to this list (o:

1. Hot fresh bread from the oven.....mmmmmmmm........
2. I love you's
3. letters~the old fashioned way
4. a nursing baby snuggled up contently next to you
5. baby breath
6. freshly bathed children
7. snuggly jammies, and kids in snuggly jammies all fighting for my lap
8. puppies
9. sunny days and rainbows after wet ones
10. God's everlasting, unconditional love ~ AMAZING!
11. friends!
12. even internet friends!! lol
13. God's love radiating through others
14. hugs
15. selfless acts
16. RAK (random acts of kindness)
17. peanut butter
18. mochas
19. a sprouting garden
20. chickens quietly clucking while they are bedding down for the night. (its the sweetest noise if you've never heard it)
21. the sound of crackling fire around a campfire~and people singing silly songs or praise songs
22. I love you's~ I think I already said that, but it's important (o:
23. your husbands strong arms around you
24. slumber parties
25. seeing your children being best friends
26. seeing your children walk in the truth of the Lord~ there is no Greater Joy!
27. seeing your children finish their peas (I can dream can't I?)
28. A Godly Heritage (thanks ma and pa, gramma and grampa, and those before.....)
29. God's promises
30. a clean house, I WOULD never tire of a clean house, lol
31. honest people
32. organic food (hhmm funny how honest people reminded me of organic food!)
33. short lines
34. optimism
35. love for all humanity
36. green traffic lights
37. fields of daisies
38. above rubies magazines
39. in the womb baby movements, I even love the hiccups
40. my children's artwork
41. good music
42. a good story
43. laughing~ you really can't laugh too much in life
44. feeding people~ there is a joy to nourishing the ones you love, and the ones you force food on who happen to stop by while the above mentioned are being fed. (o:
45. government employees that smile
46. of people telling me how full my hands are so that I can smile and tell them how full my heart is.
47. Good news
48. my husband treating me special~like the candlelight dinner he surprised me with tonight AND cooked while I was out grocery shopping. I could never tire of that, lol
49. peace
50. Being Home

that's all for now, more bread about to come out of the oven and a 3 & 4 year old that have gotten oddly quiet.............. (o:


MandarineMama said...

I like your list Bon. All of those things are simply amazing. I loved the thing about the chickens, that is one of my favorite sounds but I never thought I could put it into words! :) How have you been? You should email me back or something if you ever get the chance... I'm really bad at calling people. (That is why Jon always calls, I just really don't like the phone haha) I hope that you are feeling well and that everyone is doing well.
Love you!!!

Michelle said...

My list would include these: soft stomachs pressed against my back in sleep
baby giggles
toddlers learning to walk

Rebecca said...

I love your list. If I made one it would have several of the same things.

JenFos said...

What a perfect list Bonnie, I love it!! makes me smile. That was really sweet of Marty to make you that dinner, give a high five and props for me, go marster. I cant think of anything to add to your list at the moment because it is too perfect. maybe falling asleep to the sound of the ebb and flow of the waves. thats my latest love, we hear that 24/7 at our new place. It is a lullabye. Love you!

tryin2shine said...

wow, i had forgotten all about that sound from the chickens. it really IS something. i havent heard that in 35 years or more....

Shell said...

Hey girl, where'd you go? You need to post on that sweet babe you're carrying and how your doing.

Take care,