Saturday, August 22, 2009

Katelyn Rose

well, the last blog update was posted 4 days before our blessed event. She is now 2 months old! I am really, really amazed at women, especially busy moms with bustling households who can blog! As hard as I try, I never get the thoughts from my hands to the keyboard to the blog. I make up these great blog entries in my head almost everyday, I've even written this little baby girl's birth story out in my head 10 times, but have not written it down, and I'm afraid the details are fading.... I hate to write but I love when I do if that makes sense. I actually want to write a book, well, books really. I just don't know how to get it from my head to paper (o;
So, it's kind of silly almost to post this entry since most everyone who reads this has seen oodles of pictures on facebook, or have been here to hold her in person, oh and one of you are the one who caught her for me at birth! But, just in case there is anyone else~I'll post her stats and send out a picture of our newest little baby doll. She is a real sweetie. we are in total love.

Katelyn Rose
born June 17th, one day before her mommy and daddy's 15th anniversary~
9 lbs even, 22.5 inches
wonderful home waterbirth

a birth story is sure to come, I promise. I have been dealing with some....maybe~ possibly~ baby blues the last month, nothing major, but probably just adjusting, and trying to stay on top of not feeling too terribly overwhelmed. It shouldn't even be called baby blues because it has nothing to do with that little person, she's a total dream baby, it's just the trying to keep everyone else happy while all I wanted to do is spin myself a cocoon and hide away with my new little doll. But~ laundry piles up, kids get hungry, husband gets lonely, dog chews things up, all if mom hides away too much....oh, and postpartum belly doesn't go away on it's own. So, I'm trying to enjoy some of this sunshine while it's still here and get out walking. That seems to rejuvenate me. Exercise is like writing to me~ I procrastinate getting started, and then once I do, I LoVe It!
I am so blessed. everyday there is something to be thankful for, e v e r y single day ~ I love my little Katie Rose and am so so happy to be her mama~

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Shell said...

Congratulations to you Bonnie. It was so nice to see your new baby. She is beautiful. Love the name.

You look so happy holding baby after having her. I'm so happy for you!!

Take care and hang in there. Sometimes you just have a hard time after you have a little one. I had a hard time adjusting after my fourth for some reason. It all worked out after all. Just took a little bit longer.

God bless you and your new little dolly.