Monday, February 11, 2008

Just another Sunday......

I should've known today was not going to be just another Sunday when I realized that the reading of the Bible in Church was being accompanied by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Seriously. We went to see some friends and attend church with them in little Yacolt in a little tiny country old white church. They WERE the Church. I counted 12 of them and then our family of 10 doubled the attendance and you had Church.... Our friend Jerry starts reading a passage from Revelations and stops and asks his grandson if he would accompany him on the guitar while he read? Sure gramps the long haired compliant teen replies. He grabs his guitar and sits down and starts strumming Sweet Home Alabama. Everything goes on as normal.. huh?? I kinda chuckled, ok, this is a first. I like it,,,,,Alabama is one of God's great creations too.... Then Jerry grabs the grandaddy of all cello's and plays Jesus loves me for the Kids. Then we broke bread. It was different, but good. God is goooood.
We went home and as was adamantly taught growing up in the Nazarene Church that you take your Nazarene Nap Sunday afternoon, I decided to go lay down &
snuggle with hubby who is passed out already alongside Josiah. 15
minutes later the phone rings and wakes me up just as I'm in that
really comfortable I'm drifting off to sleep land..... someone needs
directions to our house and I'm sounding all disfunctional trying to give
them directions cuz I'm still in a daze. This guy was coming to look
at Marty's tractor for sale. I get up and go feed the animals and start
cleaning out my van, (so much for rest) :o) go back upstairs and find
Melody about in tears. Her throat is soooo swollen up she can
hardly talk. Has been that way since yesterday along with a fever.
This girl never gets sick, or at least never gets hit hard. I decided
to take her in to the urgency care clinic since I remember so vividly
being plagued with strep throat as a kid and how cruddy my ENTIRE body
felt, let alone the throat.
Long story short~ the entire town is in line at the clinic cuz
everything else is closed. The kid in front of us popped 20 Ibuprofren
and the nurses eyes are bugging out and they are calling an ambulance
to transfer him over to the ER. Then the lady behind me, while I'm
bending down to pick something up, LITERALLY coughs in my eye. I'm not
kidding~ I feel something HIT my EYE!! EEEeeeeWWWWwwwww~~~~~~ All I
can think now is oh great, what did you just GIVE ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?

They cultured Mel's throat. They had to do it 3 times because she kept
gagging so badly. Being the wonderful, supportive mother that I am, I
rub her back and try not to laugh. I don't know why it is, but me and
Melody always crack each other up. Her eyes were watering and she is
grabbing this 10 foot swab out of her throat and we start laughing.
Mind you, she is really, really sick, lol......
Yes, it's strep. Yes, it's one of those times were I'm actually glad I
took a child into a medical facility, even if I die of the bird flu
that someone just coughed into my eye.
I wish I were a pharmacist. I'd be rich. After driving across town and
stopping at 6 different CLOSED pharmacies AND another hospital I found
the ONE pharmacy that is open in town. Seriously, one pharmacy that is
open 24 hours. That pharmacist is a genius. The kid at the window said
proudly, "Well, good thing you found us because I've been told we're
the only thing open on a Sunday night south of Salem and all the way
north to Seattle." he should've added, "Good thing you obviously have
a ton of time to waste tonight not having anything better to do then
sit in waiting rooms and drive mindlessly around town so that you
could come and wait for an HOUR at my pharmacy for my pharmacist to
count 20 pills and label this bottle for you" sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....
Melody actually asked (innocently) "Why is it taking so long Mom? Does
the pharmacist have to make the pills?"
I could go on now about how I finally made it home 6 hours later at
10pm to find ALL the kids awake, and starving, piles of unrecognizable
food dumped on the floor with the baby in the middle of it, My newly
sewn curtains turned into an army fort, and the tv on so loud no one
could hear us knocking, but that wouldn't be fair to Marty now would
it? (o:
So, how was your Sunday? (o:


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