Thursday, February 14, 2008

Kids say the Weirdest Things!

Lily (who is 7): "Mom, would it be stealing if you snuck into people's house and took their crust?"

Me (Mom) : "What kind of crust?" (This reply doesn't make sense as we all know that normal moms would be appalled that their daughter is contemplating the morality of sneaking into one's home and stealing their crust and all I can think about is, Is she meaning the crust that is splattered on the top of the microwave? The crust that spills out of the toaster when I move it? The crust that you find living along side your floor boards, what crust???!!!

Lily: "The crust that people throw away"

Me: "Ooohh, that crust. Well first of all there is two things wrong here. For one that you would be sneaking into someone's house, and for two, taking something of someone else's, even if it is CRUST, would still be considered stealing. why would you want their crust?"

Lily: "Yeah, that would be stealing, huh? Well, I'm writing a story about a man who plants flowers made out of crust. So, I have to think about where he is going to get all the crust."

Me: "ok, it's all making sense now." HAHA

Lily:"I guess in my story he can just dig through trash"
~@ ~@ ~@ ~@ ~@ ~@ ~@ ~@ ~@ ~@ ~@ ~@ ~@ ~@ ~@ ~@ ~@

People would often ask me after the birth of my son if there was any difference between him and the 4 daughters I had previous to him. At that point there wasn't a whole lot besides the one incident of him peeing 10 ft up into the air like a hydrant during a diaper change. But, now that he's 3 there are quite a few. The one that stands above the rest though is this~ FOOD! This kid loves food. Everyday, he eats his food down faster than anyone else, he's even been known to *share* off of his little sister's plate, claiming to be helping her along so that she can be free to go play. He is happy as a clam teaching his 9 month brother the ways of being a boy too. I found them on the floor with two HUGE mounds of animal crackers one day. Ben said they were hungry. He is hungry 10 minutes after eating. He loves to see his mom in the kitchen, and will promptly say, "whatcha cooking Mom?" he's even told me "I love you Mom, cuz you make me good food" Truly the way to this little guy's heart is through his stomach. The irony of it though is that his body rejects so many different foods. Dairy, Nuts, Soy, wheat, raspberries, potatoes, apples, sesame seeds, peanuts, oats, to name a few.
Tonight on the way home from the naturopaths with Ben we stopped at Costco to get gas. He said "Mom, can we run into Costco real fast?" "Why Benjamin?" I asked. He replied with, "Because I LOVE food!" that pretty much sums it up for that kid (o:
I asked him once, "where is your favorite place to go?" his answer "Places where there is food."
"What is your favorite thing to do Benjamin?" his answer ~ "Eat"
He was telling me another day about the really cool car that he was going to drive someday. It was a hot rod with flames on it and it would go really fast. So, I asked him where are you going to drive to when you have a car? And he said, "Taco Bell"
funny thing is, I don't think he even remembers ever eating at a Taco Bell, but he knows it has food!
I need to find him some hobbies or maybe get him into sports huh? :o)

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